The White Tigress and Lion Fall in Love and Leave the Zoo Together

It wasn’t always easy for this odd couple. Zabu, a white tigress, and Cameron, a lion, were both kept in the New England Zoological Park to breed and produce lions (a combination of white lions and tigers).

They were fortunately saved in 2004. For them, the situation appeared hopeless at the time. Zabu was 200 pounds underweight for a man his age due to a congenital defect. They are now safe and content thanks to the Big Cat Rescue. A rescue organization that saved Zabu and Cameron posted about this on social media. They had built the two of them a large natural cage to share because they are genuinely attached to one another.

Due to a medical condition, Cameron had to decide between being neutered and separated from his beloved. There were only two choices available to the rescue team: either permanently separate Cameron and Zabu, or neuter the pup. It was obvious what to do.

The lion could now spend his last moments with the one he loved most after having his mane cut off. After losing the extra 15 pounds of fur, Cameron’s demeanor has changed noticeably for the better. He can more easily endure the unforgiving Florida summers. “He has become a lot more fun since he no longer worries about anything happening around his enclosure,” the rescue organization claimed.

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