When a Sea Turtle Is Found Trapped on Land and Presumed Dead, a Man Finds a Way To Revive Her

Just off the coast of Honduras, Miguel Angel Escobar and his family were sailing when they noticed something that instantly broke their hearts.

There, along a lonely stretch of shore, they observed a huge sea turtle trapped in some tree roots near the water’s edge.

Loggerhead sea turtle - Wikipedia

As Escobar stated  “I feared she was dead.” We felt terrible for her.

Escobar started hacking away at the turtle’s root captor with a knife until it became weak enough to break. She was eventually released after a short while. She had been saved by Escobar.

The turtle, which had before seemed to be lifeless, turned into a ball of energy in an instant.

“I thought that the turtle would need to rest on the shore and regain her vigor,” Escobar said. But she swam away right away, strong and swiftly, like someone who was celebrating.

She was given one more chance. The turtle waited on the beach for a little while before moving on to deeper waters.

Escobar thinks the turtle got stuck after coming ashore to deposit her eggs and got caught in the root while crossing the embankment near the sea. There will be even more generations of her descendants after she is free.

Escobar stated, “I feel glad to have assisted her. It’s a wonderful feeling.

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