Always Interfering With His Mom’s Social Media Posts Snobby Emu

This past weekend, Blake was trying to film a scene with one of her calves when an additional person abruptly entered the frame.

The approximately 5-foot-8, 120-pound emu makes it into the picture as his mother speaks into the camera. You can hear Blake shouting enthusiastically, “Emmanuel, don’t do it!” as he stares at the camera with his large reddish-brown eyes. And yes, he still carries it out. However, based on the tiny smile on Blake’s face, it appears that he can get away with pretty much anything as a cute black-feathered emu.

As Emmanuel pecks at his mother’s phone and gets up close and personal with the screen, he makes his presence known in a big and funny way. Emus are second only to ostriches in terms of their size.

Even though Emmanuel seems keen to be the center of attention (and may possibly put Blake’s phone in danger in the process), it is evident that he is a valued pet, just like the other animals.

Emu Emmanuela s Social-Media-Star: Taylor Blake und Knuckle Bump Farm  plötzlich berühmt

It’s obvious that Emmanuel is a beloved pet, just like the other animals, despite the fact that he appears determined to be the center of attention (and may perhaps endanger Blake’s phone in the process). Emmanuel will probably keep attempting to overshadow his mother because of his naturally inquisitive nature and the fact that emus can only go around on their long legs.

Australia's Emu War - Owlcation

Blake tells CNN that “the dude is just a natural.” He “was born to be on camera,” I swear.
And by the way, the world’s most famous emu has a full name, and it’s Emmanuel Todd Lopez, to be exact.
Furthermore, if “Emmanuel, don’t do it! ” is now ingrained in your mind, you’re not alone.

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