When Crow Needs a Hug, He Goes to the Family Who Saved Him

Dana Bryce and his fiancée were cleaning and arranging one day outside on their terrace when they noticed numerous crows causing a nuisance close by. A little baby crow was lying on the ground as they went to look at it.

Gothic hugs : r/crows

The little crow appeared to be having difficulty and was obviously too young to be on his own. After weighing their alternatives, the couple decided that it would be better to take him in, heal him, and eventually reintroduce him to the wild.

“We fed him every half hour and kept him warm in a container with some newspaper, grass, and water,” Bryce said.

Crow Monthly on Twitter: "@JackdawMamma Hello Jacky! I saw that he grabs his towel for a hug - he has life sussed out 😀" / Twitter

They gave him the name Oscar and cared for him till he felt better. He has quickly made a full recovery and appears ready to return to the wild. Although they were sad to see him go, they entertained the thought that they would occasionally catch a glimpse of him flying.

One and a half days later, that request was granted.

Oscar unexpectedly descended from the trees as the pair were once more outside on the terrace, screaming in delight to see his rescuers. He appeared to be thanking them for sparing his life by hopping around and cuddling with them.

Gothic hugs : r/crows

Now, Oscar visits his adopted family almost daily. Although he lives in the wild, he considers them to be a second home, and he enjoys being able to fly over and introduce himself whenever he likes.

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