On the Fourth Story, a Courageous Man Rescues a Dog From a Balcony

In this dramatic event, a young man who had mistakenly fallen from a tall building saves a small puppy from certain death. When the dog’s quick-witted owner saw her, he grabbed her up in his arms as she was about to meet her demise. The scene was recorded by a surveillance camera!

After being away from his job for a few weeks, John Alexander Palomino Bendives came home. The young Peruvian man was thrilled to see his mother and four dogs again.

Boy sees a fall from the balcony and here's what he did - Pledge Times

When Mina, one of Bendives’ dogs, observed him and his girlfriend from the balcony, they were about to enter the building from the outside.

Mina was ecstatic to see her friend back at their apartment building, but nevertheless, she managed to lose her balance and fall from the roof. Without her human super-hero that day, she would not have stood a chance.

Bendives somehow caught his pet in his arms after spotting her falling. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but Mina’s family was extremely alarmed.

The incredible image was captured by a security camera.

Bendives, an animal lover, stated that he and his family would try to prevent similar incidents in the future by erecting a fence or barrier on the roof.Additionally, he expressed his happiness at being in the right place at the right moment.

The man said, “I absolutely adore my pets so much.” They always welcome me with great affection and feeling. I make an effort to spend as much time as possible with them when I’m at home.

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