A Shelter Dog Gets Ready To Meet His New Family, but They Never Show Up

After spending nearly a year at the Kentucky Humane Society, Hendrix thought he had finally found his permanent family.

The Staffordshire terrier mix dressed up and arrived at Sam Swope Pet Treatment & Lifesaving Center on Tuesday, excited to meet prospective adopters. Before the meet-and-greet, the family had filled out an application and spoken with the staff of the shelter. Then, though, they disappeared.

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Hendrix eventually came to the conclusion that it wasn’t going to be his day.

The Kentucky Humane Society’s Megan Decker told The Dodo, “We waited over 30 minutes for them, and we never received a call or heard from them.” Hendrix was all decked up in his harness and beaming from ear to ear as he awaited their arrival, but they never showed up. It left us heartbroken.

Shelter Dog Gets All Dressed Up To Meet New Family And They Never Show - The Dodo

The outgoing dog enjoys relaxing after playing outside and soaking up all the attention he can get.

Hendrix is incredibly lovable, cuddly, and gentle, according to Decker. He has interacted with children as young as 5, and simply rolls over for a belly rub while snorting with delight.

Hendrix also wants a house free of cats, but what he really wants is someone to love him and give him a happy life. The staff at the shelter are aware that the perfect family is out there for him, so it was terrible to see his hopes destroyed.

Shelter Dog Gets All Dressed Up To Meet New Family And They Never Show - The Dodo

“Watching him wait patiently for a family to come, just to be stood up is horrible,” the Kentucky Humane Society wrote on Facebook.

We can’t bear to see our cute child angry.

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