Kitty Cries When Its Owner Leaves the House

Fu Fu’s human mother left her home during the Chinese Lunar New Year, and the cat quickly learned how to break her owner’s heart.

To ensure that her owner would not ignore her again, the kitten simply looked into the security camera and started to sob. This story started to fall apart when Ms. Meng traveled to her parent’s house for the Chinese New Year. Since the picky kitten might not feel at home in her parents’ house, she decided against bringing the family pet. She left the 2-year-old British Shorthair alone for a few days.

As she checked the cat on the security camera, she immediately regretted whatever decision she had made. “Do you miss me?… ” the cat mom asks in the viral video. When the cat heard his mother’s voice, he immediately started to sob, saying, “I will return in a few days, for sure. The poor cat then tries to reach his mother using the safety camera on his paw. Ms. Meng was unable to handle the situation because she was so heartbroken and guilty.

My Cat Cries When I Leave the House | BeChewy

The woman returned home earlier than she had intended after witnessing this touching scene. This video was first posted on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, where it quickly gained popularity and won over millions of hearts with the crying cat.

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