There Is a Giant Cow Named Dozer

There is wonderful news if you are a fan of enormous cows. It appears that EVEN A BIGGER COW is entering the scene, where everyone is equally happy.

You can call it DozerDozer. The Kismet Creek Ranch in Hanover, Canada is the home of this cow. Knickers only measure 1.94 meters while the DozerDozer is 1.98 meters (6.5 feet) tall (6.4 feet).

Due to its size, DozerDozer was saved by being sold to Knickers, a slaughterhouse. According to Karl Schoenrock, who owns the farm with his wife Raelle, “When I first saw him, I was woozy,” and “He’s just so substantial. In comparison to anything I’ve ever seen before, his head is incredibly large.

Dozer Steer One Inch Taller Than Giant Cow Knickers |

The couple began to share images of their own enormous cow after hearing Knickers’ story. Yes, absolutely, why not? When they learned that DozerDozer was a little bigger than Knickers, they were ecstatic.” We were a little exhausted,” Schoenrock said. But that’s what we got: “Absolutely nothing incredibly authorities, like Guinness authorities.”

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