Polar Bears Appear to Be Having the Time of Their Lives When They Play in Canada’s Flower-Filled Fields

This polar bear enthusiast photographer was able to capture some wonderful images of these gentle giants having fun while playing in fireweed fields.

It was a very uncommon photo shoot that took place in Manitoba, Canada.

In the summer, this area is covered in a vast sea of flower petals. The polar bears looked like they were having a great time when Dennis Fast photographed them.

Dennis said: “They are a favorite subject for my camera for more reasons than just their color. They move very slowly as they check the area for any moving objects. They seem to be unconcerned with anything and unafraid of everything, in my opinion.

We frequently admire quiet confidence in people, which suits the polar bear well, not arrogance.

We have all seen photographs of polar bears on Hudson Bay in northern Canada and other polar bear habitats. People’s perceptions of them are so ingrained that you might believe that the North only experiences winter.”

Dennis is fascinated by all wild animals. But he is most interested in “the North’s most iconic animals.”

Then he continues: “Another time, I laughed out loud as I witnessed a polar bear picking a single flower from a fireweed stalk with his teeth and rolling it around in his mouth.”

It makes no difference that polar bears are among the world’s deadliest predators. They are also renowned for their silliness.



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