With This Turtle’s Unusual Issue, Nature Decided To Simulate Velveeta

The farmer captured the turtle and brought it to his house before giving it to the park rangers. Then he got in touch with their local conservationists. It turns out that this turtle is a rare albino flap shell turtle. Its vivid yellow color is comparable to the neon hue of nacho cheese. And which is why. this made the Twitter post so popular.

Unbelievably, the estimated age of this turtle is 2 years old. For a wild albino creature, this is quite an accomplishment, as is typical, their intense pigmentation can make them an extremely easy target for predators.

While albinism is unusual in and of itself, this turtle is particularly unusual for its age!  Siddhartha Pati, executive director of the Association for Biodiversity Conservation said: “This is the first time we found an albino turtle in Odisha and the second time in India.”

Susanta Nanda, a different member of the Indian Woodland Solution, shared a picture and video of another albino turtle discovered in Sindh a few years ago by locals. Along with the ones taken of this most recent one, you can view her photo below!

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