Dark Rare Stunning Siberian Husky with Blue Eyes Has Gained a Lot of Popularity

This popular social media figure is a rare brown Husky. He has more than 114 thousand followers on Instagram. The dog’s name is Se Quoi or Quoi. His owner, Nicky, explained that a sequoia tree served as the source of the name’s inspiration.

She said she wanted his name to be as big, as greater, as strong as a sequoia tree.

The Husky is entirely a Husky, with brilliant blue eyes and brown fur. Nicky claims that as a result, he is frequently in the public eye.

Because Brown Huskies are so uncommon, he is well-known among dog lovers. It’s no surprise that such a stunning dog draws a lot of attention wherever he goes. It is a regular thing to pet him.

Nicky claims that the question “Who is he?” is frequently asked by strangers. When she says it’s a Siberian husky, no one believes her. It is 100% Siberian husky and registered with the AKC!

Before meeting Quoi, Nicky stated she was going to adopt another dog.

She claims that although Quoi wasn’t the dog she was looking for, he was just what she needed. She is truly committed to him.

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