A Cheetah Mother Gives Birth to 8 Cubs. That’s a Record.

Eight babies were born to a cheetah for the first time ever in a zoo. The usual litter size ranges from 3 to 4 cubs.

With her three sons and five daughters, Bingwa has become a wonderful mother. She has quickly mastered the art of taking care of her enormous litter of cubs, feeding, caring for, and grooming them.

They are so cute. We wish they had provided something comfortable for them to lie on, but we recognize that they are making an effort to be as real as possible.

For the first few weeks of their lives, the mother will hide them in various wild den places. In the wild, lions, leopards, and hyenas are their main predators, so let’s hope that these young animals stay safe.

Record-breaking birth of 8 Cheetah cubs at St. Louis Zoo has Northeast  Florida connection

Having a place to lay down would be nice. We are delighted to see such beautiful animals.

Bingwa makes a great mother. Best wishes to these beautiful kids! May God keep blessing them.

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