Look at These Adorable Squirrels Exploring the Garden!

Dutch photographer Dick van Duijin, 34 took the odd but endearing photos. He visited a flower field outside Vienna, Austria, and while looking for the best-tasting bloom to eat, he came across a squirrel. The photographer finally achieved the desired shot after more than 200 frames and almost two hours of shooting.

The photographer described how “this curious ground squirrel started smelling and tasting the bloom.” “I was overjoyed after taking a picture like this.”

You can see the tiny animal as it reaches for a yellow daisy, touching the blossom to its face.  Its eyes close as a floral scent fills the space. A few moments later, the rat leaned in for a juicy bite.

“I went to Austria specifically to take pictures of the ground squirrels there. It was wonderful to witness this”, he said.

With these endearing pictures, Canadian amateur photographer Steve Biro could easily compete for the year’s best picture.  He captured the ideal reflection of an eagle despite flying over water.

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