For the First Time on the Planet, a Cat Gets Titanium Paws.

A person with empathy would not wish to witness dismembered animal limbs. If it has been in an accident or is weak, it is typically the kindest thing to do.

An abandoned little pet cat suffered frostbite to all four of its paws while living in Siberia’s subzero temperatures. The cat Ryzhik was found with gangrene from frostbite, and his paws could not be saved.

Veterinarian Sergey Gorshkov created the first bionic cat arm or legs and his team used cutting-edge software and 3D modeling. He comments, “He is unquestionably the first cat in the history of the planet to undergo such surgical procedures. Actually, the arm or legs are completely connected to the skin and bone.

A Siberian street cat gets artificial paws after his own were amputated -  YouTube

The dental clinic is happy to report that there were no dental implants that failed. The portion of the limb that enters the body is squishy because the bone cells expand there, according to veterinarian Gorshkov. Effectively expanding into the titanium and the bone was the skin.

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