A Boat Crew Saves a Small Bird That Was Lost at Sea

After being blown out to sea by strong winds close to the Maine shore, this poor little bird soon faced what was likely the worst of endings.

But then his luck changed abruptly.

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The small bird was caught in a precarious situation in the sea when Jacob Knowles and his crew just so happened to be traveling by in their boat. They decided to rescue him and dragged him from the sea. However, their work didn’t stop there.

Boat Crew Comes To The Rescue Of A Little Bird Who Was Lost At Sea - The  Dodo

The bird had what is best referred to as “first-class treatment” on the difficult flight back to land, which included a warm place to dry his feathers, a free lunch, and even a comfortable perch on Knowles’ own head.

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As the boat approached the coast, the fortunate little bird gradually made his way back to the skies without missing a beat, his stomach full and feathers warmed. That alone would have been sufficient to demonstrate gratitude to the group that had assisted him.

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