Bengal Tiger Cub Can’t Live Without His Best Friend Dog

Among these seven billion people, it is difficult to find a nice person.

Animals, on the other hand, maybe friends without any rules or hidden motives. That is why this tiger and dog friendship is so precious.
Hunter is a Bengal tiger, and Chelsea is a Shorthaired Pointer. But their friendship doesn’t appear to care about the differences between them.

Chelsea is three weeks older than Hunter. Anthea Michaletos, who is 22 years old, looks for both of them. This little family lives in a natural area near Pretoria, South Africa.

Hunter is happy with Chelsea and Anthea, though he did not have an exciting upbringing. Hunter’s mother has been cruel to him and has abandoned him since his birth. As a result, he hasn’t seen his mother since he was born.

“It appears that Hunter was born at a moment when the female felt in danger, therefore she turned him down,” Anthea explained. She further stated that if no one helped, the cub would not have survived in the wild. Despite the sadness of the story, Hunter’s life became more intriguing when he met Chelsea.

No one can stop Chelsea from running to Hunter once she is free of her prison. And their conflicts aren’t controlled by any rules. which, according to Anthea, may prove harmful one day.

Chelsea will be separated from Hunter after he reaches the age of six months in order to keep her safe. Hunter still takes Chelsea by the throat for fun. However, once Hunter gets stronger, Chelsea will be in danger. So, for the time being, they’re both OK with being young.

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