These Cute Puppies Look Like Pandas

These puppies were born in the Jiangsu area of China, in a small Chinese village. The pups don’t resemble either of the parents. Dad is not noticeable since he is gray. News of the panda dogs quickly traveled online around the world after the media heard about them.

Many people had approached Ling to purchase her pets after seeing these panda dogs. She is still not in a rush to sell them, though.

Ling Soo makes jokes in an interview, stating, “I won’t offer them yet. They are still quite young. I don’t want to get rid of them, too.
They are so cute. Real pandas, particularly when placed close to a bamboo tree. They don’t eat it, though!

Both ordinary people and experts are really concerned about these puppies. Experts think there is a good potential for producing pet dogs that resemble pandas.

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