The Diver Who Rescued the Turtle From the Fishing Nets Hugs Her Tightly

In really touching scene, turtle appears to hug diver who saved its life. The unlucky marine life was caught in some old fishing nets off the coast of Mexico. When he noticed it suffering, a surfer from Puerto Rico rushed to help. He received the sweetest thanks for his assistance. The stunning scene was captured using a GoPro camera.

Cameron Dietrich and Colin Sutton were getting ready to kite surf in Baja, California, Mexico when they noticed a marine turtle in danger. The helpless turtle fought for its life after becoming caught in fishing nets, but fortunately, these two heroes arrived and saved it!

“When I noticed it was tangled, I dived in the water and started cutting it free,” said Dietrich. ” It had probably been struggling for its life for 12 to 20 hours and was tired.

Together, the two surfers were able to set the turtle free. Dietrich removed the cords holding the turtle’s body, and his friend helped, so it could swim. The men stayed with the turtle after they released it to make sure it could swim once more. The surfers swam away from the creature since it didn’t seem dangerous. The biggest shock of their lives, though, came not long after.

The turtle that Dietrich saved is seen in the video changing its path and approaching him to express gratitude. Only a few centimeters separated the sea creature from the diver, and it appeared as though it had given him a hug. What was about to happen was unknown to the surfer.


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