A Large Grey Owl Falls on a Wildlife Photographer’s Camera

The woman was photographing the lovely bird in the icy Cote-de-Beaupre region in Quebec, Canada, when the amazing incident happened. A different photographer captured the stunning surroundings on camera.

Wildlife photographers Anas Trépanier and Thomas Pham-Van set out across the Canadian wild to capture some stunning images. So it turned out! They began shooting pictures after spotting a large owl perched on a fence. They were taken aback by the owl in the sweetest way possible.

Trépanier said, “I was clicking the camera and after a few seconds I saw it land on my lens.” The largest owl we have in Quebec is this one. It is not like a chickadee.

While everyone was in silence, Pham-Van and their other friends decided to take advantage of the moment to capture some unforgettable pictures!

“I was seeing things that I couldn’t believe”. Pham-Van said, “I instantly looked around and then started taking shots again. “It took off and flew for a time straight ahead, then made a U-turn and came back to Anas. I was already in amazement that I could witness this stunning bird and get a photo of it in flight. What a surprise to find it sitting on the camera lens!

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