Barnacle-covered, Little Sea Turtle Is Saved With the Help of Rescuers

Despite how silly the term may sound to some, barnacles are a very special family of crustaceans. These crustaceans will stick to objects like rocks, boats, and even turtles since they developed a sessile lifestyle as adults. This little sea turtle is really heartbreaking!

Why do we use a barnacle? They are crucial members of the food chain because they act as filters. Due to their ability to consume plankton and dissolved detritus suspended in salt water, barnacles are essential in preparing the water for other living things.

This poor turtle requires thorough peeling and cleaning. And they also require it. Barnacles increase surface drag, which reduces the turtle’s hydrodynamic form. They require something to swim smoothly. Several tools can be used to pry off barnacles. If anyone wants to attempt, they should exercise caution so as not to harm the shell.

A barnacle can’t thrive by itself. They can only survive on a hard surface, like the shell of a turtle. While a single barnacle won’t hurt a turtle, too many might leave it inactive. Additionally, they can impede a turtle’s eyesight, which makes eating challenging.

Barnacle removal was very simple for the top layer, but more difficult after one can reach the shell. Not simple knowing that the technique can harm a turtle’s shell. The cute little sea turtle could even attempt to escape, feeling lighter indeed, but the treatment is still ongoing.

Imagine how much more mobile and light the small guy feels. Just wait; we’re almost there! We don’t want a barnacle to enter the turtle’s skin. That would be uncomfortable and provide an infectious target area. After, this guy may swim freely.

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