After Cleaning up an Abandoned House, a Woman Finds a Dog in the Attic

Jami Lassell spotted a puppy locked in a house’s attic in Carbon County, Pennsylvania, and was confused about what to do.

Woman Shows Up To Clean Abandoned House And Finds A Dog In The Attic - The  Dodo

“She’s absolutely skin and bones,” Lassell added. “I’m not sure when she last ate.”

It was impossible to say how long Remi, the young pit bull, had been confined in the attic. She’d bitten her way through the walls and door in an attempt to escape, and the chamber was filthy with feces and fleas.

Pit Bull Found Burned And Tied Up Rescued From Canadian Shelter - The Dodo

Lassell was taken aback by the warm welcome she received when she eventually met the abandoned puppy. Lassell described her as “the most loving dog I’ve ever met.” “As soon as she spotted me, her tail began to wag – all she needed was love.”

She had planned to foster Remi until she was healthy enough to be placed for adoption. The plan was scrapped as soon as Remi entered her home.

As Lassell stated, “I couldn’t give her up until she arrived home with me.”

Woman rescues pit bull found locked in attic of abandoned house

Lassell took Remi to the vet, where she learned that one of the dog’s legs was damaged and would require surgery. Despite the pain Remi has endured, the courageous dog is devoted to all living things.

“She’s really a lovebug,” Lassell said. When she sees a person, her tail jerks and her ears twitch.

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