A Young Whale Is Adopted by a Dolphin After Losing Its Mother

New Zealand researchers from the Far Out Ocean Research Collective were surprised to see a newborn pilot whale and a bottlenose dolphin. Marine experts’ only explanation is that the newborn whale was adopted by the friendly dolphin after losing its mother.  This is not the first time a dolphin has stood up to help another species.

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The marine explorers uploaded a snapshot of the two spending time together as if they were family. The bottlenose dolphin, a naturally sociable species, was caring for the young whale as if it were her own child. According to the researchers’ reports, the dolphin adopted the whale for over a month.

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According to marine researcher Jochen Zaeschmar, she may have lost her own calf or was acting out of misguided maternal instinct. Given how frequently they cross paths, there is a good chance it will eventually join another pod of pilot whales.

The lovely attachment between the dolphin and the young whale astounded everyone at the Far Out Ocean. They will, however, keep an eye on this unusual connection to ensure that both parties benefit.

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“We hope to re-encounter her to see this rare phenomenon,” the group claimed.

It’s unusual for them to take up with species that are larger than they. It’ll be interesting to see how they’re related once the whale grows.

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