This Shy Dog Had a Shelter Party, but No One Showed Up

Luke arrived as a stray at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home over 200 days ago. Luke has been at the shelter for more than five times as long as the average dog, who is adopted after 35 days. Although Luke is a sweet dog, he can appear shy at times, particularly around other dogs. Because of this, it’s probably taking him so long to find the perfect family.

Rescue Dog Stood Up at His Valentine's Day Adoption Party Is Adopted |

“Despite his size, Luke is a big softie who loves nothing more than cuddling up by a radiator with his favorite humans and a cuddly toy,” Michelle Bevan, a manager at Battersea, said.

“We’re hopeful that someone will adore him for the huge lapdog that he truly is and give him the opportunity to be cherished as he deserves.”

Rescue Dog Stood Up at His Valentine's Day Adoption Party Is Adopted |

To help Luke get adopted, his shelter companions decided to throw him a Valentine’s Day party. They hoped that the celebration would pique people’s interest and encourage them to inquire about Luke. They gathered some decorations, prepared Luke, and prayed for the best.

Unfortunately, the plan failed, and no one attended Luke’s celebration.

Everyone who knows Luke says that, despite his shyness, he is a wonderful addition to the family. He only needs to find them. Even though no one came to his party, his sheltermates aren’t giving up. They intend to assist Luke in obtaining a permanent home in some way.

Shelter throws an adoption party for shy dog, but nobody shows up - Life

Luke is looking for a quiet home away from busy areas where he will be the only dog in the family because he is often overwhelmed. He also requires a family that can help him handle his skin problems, which he has. Aside from that, this cautious dog merely requires a family that will welcome him.

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