Everyone a Cow Meets Must Give Him a Hug

Chico came to The Gentle Barn, an animal shelter, after being saved from a butcher in 2017. He’s been a barn favorite ever since.

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“Chico is incredible!” “He is the leader and directs the others, guards them, and freely distributes hugs to all of us,” said Ellie Laks, founder of The Gentle Barn. He is really kind, knowledgeable, and fearless.

According to Laks, Chico was clearly in charge of the herd when he first arrived. The other cows followed Chico to the grass and woods.

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Laks realized that if she wanted to acquire the trust of everyone, she had to start with Chico. Fortunately, it wasn’t long until Chico was eating out of her hand and allowing her to give him pets and embraces. According to Laks, Chico will now wrap his neck around her and others’ in a loving embrace.

“Once they’ve healed, they learn to forgive, choose to trust us, lie down, and let us cuddle them,” Laks explained. “They return our cuddles by wrapping their necks around us or, in this example, resting their heads on us.”

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Chico and his family, which includes Gentle Barn cows Johnny Cash, Eddie, Houdini, and Roo, are currently lounging on the field.

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