After Being Missing for 16 Days, a Dog Was Discovered Swimming Near the Coast

In the early morning, soldiers Ryan Koehler and Vincent Ferdinandi received a call notifying them about the dog. The two cops swiftly rescued the Golden Retriever, who was swimming about 75 yards offshore. They found the tired man immediately and took him to land in a motor boat.

Dog Rescued While Swimming Near Jersey Shore |

Officer Ferdinandi stated, “He was quite fatigued.” “Unquestionably malnourished and hungry.” He also became terrified and backed away from us. ” Despite this, the officers transport the puppy to safety until his family arrives.

Chuck, a 3-year-old Golden Retriever, was playing fetch with his owners when he grew terrified and went into the woods near their house. The family searched for him in vain for the rest of his life.

Missing Golden Retriever Rescued From NJ Water After Being Lost for 2 Weeks  – NBC New York

Chuck was first noticed by several joggers. When they attempted to approach him after he had been lost for more than two weeks, but he became frightened and jumped into the river. Chuck swan nearly 2 miles down the bay’s shore from that point until he was rescued by police troopers.

Golden Retriever Chunk, missing for 2 weeks, back with family after being  rescued from Barnegat Bay - ABC7 New York

“It was incredible to watch the sigh of relief that a part of their family was back, and the dog was glad to see his family as well,” officer Ferdinandi added. “We’re just relieved that the dog and his owners can be reunited.”

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