From the Time He Was a Kitten, the Cat Has Loved His Horse

Sappy and Dakota have been friends since Sappy was just a kitten, and even then, the little boy was never afraid of Dakota.

The baby’s mother, Denice Kinney, told The Dodo, “While the little guy started to grow, I noticed he would be laying close to the horse as he grazed.” “He would lie on the horse if it fell asleep. Even to this day, I’ve seen him climbing up his tail to lie on his back.

Sappy and Dakota like cuddling together, and Dakota is very gentle with Sappy.

You may think that these two wouldn’t get along very well, yet in spite of everything—including the big size gap—they genuinely enjoy spending time together and are rarely apart.

Every day after feeding and throughout feeding time, the cat is in his stall.

Kinney noted:  “They both always come after I placed the container down. The cat goes along with me just as a dog would!”

To Sappy, Dakota resembles a father figure. These two have a genuinely special relationship, and it appears like they will be together for a very long time.

According to Kinney, the horse is kind even when he gets hold of the nap of the cat’s neck, . “A horse person will recognize that the horse might have easily already hurt the cat,” she added. “They make a great team. They really do share a unique relationship.”

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