Because She Adores Corgis, Dog Mom Devotes an Entire Room to Them

Jojo the corgi, who is only 12 years old, has had a very active life. He’s learned to surf, worked as a therapy dog in hospitals, and he and his mother have accumulated a considerable collection of corgi-themed goods over the years. She decided to give Jojo his own bedroom after realizing she needed a separate location for all of Jojo’s belongings as well as her ever-expanding collection of corgi souvenirs.

Dog Mom Creates A Room For Her Corgis - The Dodo

The room is a work in progress, but it’s looking really good so far. Jojo and his brother, Kilo, are madly in love with it, as is absolutely everyone who’s ever seen it.

“Everyone thinks it’s a corgi museum or a corgi cafe,” Jojo’s mother, Josephine Zosa, told me. “They want to stay there indefinitely.”

Dog Mom Creates A Room For Her Corgis - The Dodo

Kilo and Jojo are content to share the room, which is well equipped with everything they could possibly need. It has various paintings and decorations; a bed; a TV; a treadmill for dogs; a clothing wardrobe; and much more. They spend a lot of time there and have a great time. They prefer to have their own space.

Dog Mom Creates A Room For Her Corgis - The Dodo

When I’m working in the other room across from them, they spend around six hours in there. “I’d simply see them chilling,” Zosa explained. “They sleep there at night—first Jojo sleeps by my side in my bed, then when he believes I’m entirely asleep, he walks to his room and sleeps.”

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