Because He Is Such a Messy Eater, Bird Must Eat Within a Little Dome.

According to Kirmis, Bruce will turn 15 this year. When she adopted him six years ago, he was nine years old. He just looked too small to be there, and hanging upside down in his cage reminded her of a cartoon character.

Kirmis also has five other rescue birds at home, and despite being the smallest, Bruce has the most personality of them all. He flies quite quickly and enjoys hiding in small spaces. He likes to sleep on the dish rack and the lampshade above the kitchen window.

Do Parrots Make A Mess? [Dropped Food, Poop, Molted Feathers]

Bruce has always enjoyed food and placed a high value on mealtimes. However, Bruce is a really dirty eater, and there will be a lot of cleanup once he finishes eating. It’s not a big deal while he’s eating vegetables because they’re easy to clean up. The main issue is with the berries.

Bruce’s avian veterinarian recommended feeding him berries as an antioxidant. So she did, and he threw them everywhere!

Illiger's Macaw

Kirmis wanted to find a way for Bruce to eat his berries without making a huge mess every time, so she decided to make him an eating dome. She started with a Tupperware container, but it was too little. So she got creative and upgraded the dome.

“I remembered something I bought at the dollar store,” Kirmis explained. I reasoned that it would be excellent because it was a plant protector. So I built a door out of wood, and it fits perfectly. It’s simple to clean with only a little water.

Diet for Parrots

Bruce now begins each morning by flying into his eating dome for his berry breakfast. It’s the first thing he does when he wakes up, and his mom is overjoyed that she was able to discover a way for him to eat his berries without causing chaos in the house.

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