Mother Raccoon Brings Her Pups To Visit Her Favorite Human

Roxie just gave birth to four baby pups, and she is overjoyed. The raccoon who had just been rescued was eager to show them off to her favorite person. She did just that, then.

When Brittany Seidel bought the new home in April 2021, the frequent visits started. The previous owners were well recognized for protecting the local wildlife.

A mother raccoon and her babies.

Seidel told “They told me occasionally the raccoon would come to the door, but I didn’t truly trust them until about a week after moving there. “She was actually knocking on the back door while I was preparing dinner.”

Seidel ordinarily wouldn’t feed the native animals, but since the raccoons had become accustomed to it, it was her duty to keep the tradition.

A mother raccoon and her babies.

“Early in May, I saw Roxie seemed to have been nursing,” Seidel remembered. She arrived on the back porch with the four infants one morning at her usual hour.

Seidel said that Roxie still makes visits to the baby she gave birth to last year. The number of trips the raccoon had made gave her the impression that there were more pups on the way.

A mother raccoon and her babies.

She begins to come for meals more frequently during the day than at night, according to Seidel.

At this point, Roxie, who resides in the woods behind her home, appears to believe Seidel to be family.

A mother raccoon and her babies.

Seidel added, “I just bought her a mini pool so she can swim and play in. She is truly a lot of fun.

Seidel’s life and the lives of people who enjoy seeing Roxie and her kids online have been significantly impacted by their online presence.

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