When Mama Duck Flies Into the Medical Centre, Ten Adorable Babies Are Born.

A random bird appeared in the central courtyard of the Florida institution a few weeks ago. The courtyard’s uncovered gateway is the only route in or out, so the duck must have flown in from above. The proud mother duck soon delivered 10 lovely ducklings into the world as hospital workers looked on adoringly.

Watch This Good Samaritan Help a Mother Duck and Her Ducklings Safely Cross  the Street

The baby ducks’ first hurdle in life would be to navigate their way out into the great world beyond because they were essentially imprisoned within the building. That’s exactly what they accomplished, with the support of their mother and some friendly hospital staff. But as time passed, it became clear why she had chosen to live in that safe haven.

Mama Duck Shows Off Newborn Babies In A Hospital

She built a nest and laid her eggs in it. The duck seems to have made the best family-planning decision, one that many human mothers have made as well.

Ducks are my favorite animal, so when these guys waddled over it was  basically a gift from the universe. : r/aww

We’re still “quacking” about this wonderful story and the ten accidental pregnancies we had that day.Beaches’ gynecologist wrote in a post. “Well done, Mama!”

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