After Six Years, a Pelican’s Egg Has Finally Hatched, Making the Birds Happy

Mr. Percival and his partner have nested and cared for their eggs for many years in the hopes that they will hatch and give birth to children. Unfortunately, none of their eggs hatched during this time. Everything changed, however, when their caregivers hatched a plan to help the pair.

Rescued Pelican That Tried to Hatch Eggs for Six Years Becomes a Dad After  Getting Some Help

In September, the keepers of the two pelicans decided to abandon the other pelican’s egg in Mr. Percival’s nest. Mr. Percival never lost hope of having a pelican chick. They feel terrible for him because he appears to be in considerable pain after seeing others carrying newborn pelicans around him. They did something great for him this time to actually make him happy.

Australian pelicans are found predominantly in broad stretches of open water devoid of dense aquatic vegetation and reside in enormous colonies. They typically lay one to three eggs per year, and their adorable babies are born blind, naked, and utterly reliant on their parents to survive.

Australian Pelican - The Australian Museum

After many days of being in Mr. Percival’s nest, the egg hatched, and everyone was waiting to see how the duo would react. When the big day arrived, all of the rescue center personnel could see Mr. Percival’s excitement. Percival has proven to be a highly attentive and dedicated father since the chick’s hatching, devoting himself entirely to the wellbeing of his young.

Pelican couple waited 6 years for babies and finally they watch an egg hatch

Mr. Percival shares all of the chores of parenting the chick, including feeding and nesting, with his lover, who is also overjoyed to have a chick. According to center officials, the chick is developing regularly and making progress because its father is always caring for it.

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