Elephants That Have Been Abandoned Often Gather to Hug the Woman Who Saved Them

Similar to many other wild animals, the number of African elephants has significantly decreased in recent years as a result of poaching. Each year, many of these enormous animals are murdered for their tusks, leaving a great number of helpless orphaned young in their wake. Fortunately, some of these neglected elephants end up being saved. The Nairobi Elephant Orphanage in Kenya is one of the few places where abandoned baby elephants may find safety and comfort.

Orphaned elephants always line up to hug woman who saved their lives -  Animal's World | David sheldrick wildlife trust, Sheldrick wildlife trust,  Elephant

Here, the lovely newborn elephants are cared after by a dedicated group of conservationists. For a calf that lost its parents due to widespread poaching, life is anything but simple. However, the compassion and devotion of the volunteers at the orphanage help them get through.

Dame Daphne Sheldrick, a generous person, was one of them. In fact, she is the one who made this possible since she has devoted her life to animal rescue.

Orphaned elephants always line up to hug woman who saved their lives - Andy  Wildlife Safari
For more than 40 years, this woman offered hundreds of animals a second chance at life. For all those years, Dame Daphne has successfully raised newborn elephants by hand. In this method, she and her team were able to assist hundreds of them in returning to the wild.

Thanks to her hard work and undying enthusiasm, Dame Daphne Sheldrick has developed a perfect milk formula that closely matches the milk of a mother elephant. She says that the orphaned elephants taught her valuable lessons as well as inspired her to do ground-breaking conservation work with the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

She has learned from elephants how to move on from bad experiences, turn the page, and go on live. The author claims that “knowing the horrors that elephants go through and how they deal with it has made me a stronger person.”

And the elephants she saved pay her back for her goodness in the sweetest way imaginable.

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