Bulldog Enjoys Planting Himself in Perfectly Sized Holes in the Garden

In the spring of 2021, Caitlin and her partner Grant began digging a drainage ditch behind their home because they felt it would be the ideal size for water runoff.

They were unaware that the hole was the perfect size for Franklin, their odd bulldog.

Franklin simply stepped down into the 20-foot-long hole that Grant was digging and laid down, according to Caitlin, who spoke to The Dodo. He simply continued burying himself, and whenever somebody lifted him up, he jumped right back in.

Caitlin has been working from home with Franklin since he was adopted in 2020. The energetic dog loves his family and is constantly eager to participate in all activities, especially if they dig holes.

The bulldog from Alabama enjoys hanging out on the porch swing and going to pottery class with Caitlin, where he quickly makes friends. That is if he isn’t busy using his bulldog-sized tunnel network to get to far-off places.

He’s the funniest, prettiest tiny ball of fur, remarked Caitlin. His personality is tremendous. Caitlin and Grant have dug a lot of new holes since creating the trench, largely for Franklin but also for gardens and plants.

Perhaps Franklin enjoys the coziness of hiding up in a chilly hole. He nearly seems to blend in with the earth, which may be why he prefers this hidden vantage position. Maybe he loves to see himself as a lovely gardenia that has just been planted. Caitlin believes Franklin’s primary objective is just to participate—to have a special place for him. His favorite place is anywhere that is his family.

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