The Dog Will Not Leave the Fire Hydrant Where His Owner Was Last Seen.

Thunder was an abandoned dog that had been seen for days by the same fire hydrant, waiting for his owner. After numerous fruitless attempts to apprehend the dog, neighbors called on Hall to come and rescue him.

Dog tied to Green Bay fire hydrant now at Wisconsin Humane Society

Thunder was too scared to accept help, even when Hall arrived with her tools and decades of experience. He was eager to believe it. He attempted to approach Hall but was simply too terrified. Thunder was unsure despite being enticed into a trap with treats. He’d cross the street to investigate, then return to the fire hydrant.

Former owner reveals why she left her dog tied to a fire hydrant with a  note, bag of toys | WKRC

Night came, but Hall refused to give up on Thunder, so she devised a more appealing bait. She went to a neighboring 7-Eleven, purchased several hotdogs, and placed them in the trap. He drove down the street to fool him into thinking he wasn’t there anymore, and when he returned, he was finally caught in the trap. The hotdogs were effective.

Thunder was relieved to finally be in Hall’s care, but she noticed that he was eager to return to the fire hydrant and await the family who had abandoned him there. According to Hall, he remembered “the small bit of affection he had from his family.”

Wisconsin Dog Found Tied to Fire Hydrant with a Note Gets Adopted |

Thunder, however, was saved just in time. According to Hall, the worst storm Thunder had seen in years pounded Thunder’s neighborhood as soon as she had him in her car. If Thunder’s capture had taken even five minutes longer, he and his savior would have been stranded in a torrential storm.

Thunder’s abandoner and motive for doing so remain unclear, but Hall believes it is more important to focus on the amazing new life he will lead now that he has been saved.

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