Mommy Bear Stops Traffic to Let Her Four Cute Pups Cross the Road

In this adorable scene, a mother bear is hardly making an effort to get her four small pups across a road. Two of the infants, who didn’t seem to be very helpful, block her from doing her duty. This spectacle lasted for nearly 20 minutes and resulted in a traffic jam. However, until the sad mother bear finally arrived, every driver waited patiently.

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Robin Covelli, a trucker from Torrington, Connecticut, witnessed everything that happened. Even a video of the lovely scene was taken, and in less than a day, millions of people had seen it.

Covelli said on Facebook, “I was incredibly blessed to observe this today. For 15 to 20 minutes, this poor mother bear struggled to carry her 4 (count ’em) cubs across the roadway. They were not very cooperative, as you can see, but they are just too cute! Many of you moms out there can definitely relate, I’m sure.”

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As she moved from one roadside to another with her pups, the kind mother bear grabbed one of her gorgeous puppies by the mouth to entice the others to follow her. A second cub is just behind mom, but the other two seem to be quite stubborn.

When the third cub finally gets the courage to cross the road, the fourth one climbs a tree, but in the opposite direction.

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It goes without saying that the mother returns to cross it as well, but to the delight of the drivers, a cub she had previously passed over also does so. Eventually, the mother bear is able to gather all of her pups in one place. Being a mother is difficult!

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