Everyone Is Rejoicing When a Strange Dog Crashes a Pool Party.

A group of friends was having a pool party when they noticed two dogs wandering at the edge of the yard outside the fence. Because the dogs appeared to want to enter, a huge gathering of partygoers walked over to check them.

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Because one of the dogs had a tag, they decided to let them stay in the yard while they looked for their owners. While one of the dogs was hesitant to enter the yard, the other was determined to join in on the fun right away.

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Some of them were on the deck, some in the pool, and some in the yard at the time. The golden was ready to party right away, running about, wagging its tail, approaching everyone and getting pets. The shepherd was considerably more shy, first staying in the yard, but when she saw her friend up on the deck with us, she gradually joined us.

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The golden retriever, Stoker, as they later discovered, definitely understood how to have a good time. He didn’t think twice about joining in the festivities, running around playing catch, begging for food, snatching shoes, and eventually jumping into the pool with everyone. The dogs remained there for a few hours before being picked up, and the party hosts made it clear that they were welcome to return at any time.

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