During a Flash Flood, a Man Dives in and Loads Animals Onto His Boat

These creatures would have been in terrible shape without assistance.

When over 23 inches of rain caused disastrous flash floods in many southern states, including Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi, many people and animals were forced to flee their homes due to the bad weather.

Man Dives Into Flash Flood, Fills His Boat Up With Animals - The Dodo

Two guys in Hernando, Mississippi, noticed that there were animals in need in the chaos and made the decision to help.

The Dodo was informed at the time by Frankie Williams, a 26-year-old plumber who also worked in a landscaping company, “My brother and I continued noticing different creatures emerge from the flooded woods and go to a meadow in front of our house.”

Hundreds Of Animals Have Been Saved From The Floods Devastating Louisiana

“We had a little boat at our hands to explore the flooded woods. We saved numerous field mice, ground shrews, and rabbits while traveling over flooded fields to get to the woods, he added.

According to Williams, raccoons were able to find safety by climbing higher up trees, however opossums and armadillos were left alone on patches of ground with no choice but to cling to anything they could find to save themselves from being carried away by the growing floodwaters.

Williams and his brother then set off, loading the boat with every frightened animal they came across. The creatures were freed as soon as the water levels started to decrease.

Williams said, “I had a great interest in nature. I dislike seeing any animal suffering.”

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