The Dog Stood in Front of the Door to the Shop and Looked Into the Eyes of the Customers

At one of the grocery entrances, a stray dog was running around.

He had previously been fed by the staff at one of the petrol stations where he was attached.

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But once they drove the dog away and the owner of the gas station notified them that it was gone, the area next to the grocery store became his new home.

Visitors to this place fed her, and he also found food in nearby garbage.

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As a result, on a day in November, our hero sought shelter behind a chair. A trendy and well-dressed man was talking on the phone while sitting on the same bench.

Throughout the conversation, he spoke loudly, making it clear that the interaction had been unpleasant and that the man was unhappy as a result.

Before the dog emerged from the place under the seat and seemed to pacify him, they had been there for a while.

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As the guy walked toward his car, the dog stayed seated in the drizzle.

The dog was sitting in the warm inside of a luxury automobile when he suddenly became really joyful and started joyously waving his tail.

It was the beginning of a whole new existence.

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