Big Lion Scared the Photographer With a Scary Roar Before Smiling at Him

There isn’t a better career for an animal lover than wildlife photography, in my opinion. They frequently get the chance to interact with Mother Nature and her beautiful creatures in a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime way!

Enormous lion terrifies photographer with loud roar — then smiles at him |  Fox News

Gren Sowerby is one of the fortunate individuals. The 69-year-old British photographer has spent the last 40 years of his life pursuing his passion for wildlife photography. Gren acknowledges that his job is perfect and that spending time with wild creatures is always fun. But last month in Kenya’s Maasai Mara, he nonetheless went through the “shock of his life.”

Enormous lion terrifies photographer with loud roar — then smiles at him |  Fox News

On a safari, the experienced photographer observed a gorgeous lion around 40 to 50 feet distant. He prepared naturally for some stunning photographs with the king of the forest. Only the king made a decision to fool Gren.

Sowerby told the South West News Service, “I got the shock of my life. “He let out a loud scream just as I leaned in to take a shot.” Then, I couldn’t believe it when he smiled at me and said, “Haha!” with a wink. “I’m the King of the Jungle,” he said in a roar.

The enormous lion surprised the photographer with a loud, frightful roar before turning around and smiling at him. Of course, despite how terrifying it was, Gren stayed there and photographed the wonderful scene!

Huge Lion Surprises Photographer With Scary Roar, Then Smiles At Him -  Beauty of Planet Earth - Beauty of Planet Earth

Gren Sowerby says: “I was really pleased with the images, but I didn’t analyze them until I got home. I go often on these safaris, and I adore taking pictures of animals. It is always important to get a good photo of the King of the Jungle, and I’m glad I did.

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