After His Boat Capsizes, the Dog Saves the Owner by Swimming for 11 Hours To Warn the Public.

While swimming in Moreton Bay, a passing fisherman saw Heidi the German Shepherd among boat wreckage including a gas tank, tackle box, and wetsuit.

The fisherman informed the authorities, and they immediately started a search and rescue effort to find Heidi’s owner.

Dog Swims For 11 Hours To Raise Alarm After Owner's Boat Capsizes Off  Queensland - LADbible

Queensland Police, who brought out the big weapons, used the Rescue 500 helicopter, a jet ski from Marine Safety Queensland, four police boats,  the Volunteer Marine Coast Guard, and the Volunteer Marine Rescue.

They eventually found the man who owned Heidi still hanging onto his capsized 4.1-meter boat.

Dog Swims for Miles After Falling Off Boat, Reunites with Owner |

After being towed to safety, the 63-year-old explained to the authorities how his boat had lost power the night before but had started to take in water.

Amazingly, he managed to tread water for 15 hours as he waited for assistance.

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He said that Heidi would have swum in the dark for up to 11 hours looking for help.

We would like to take this opportunity to encourage sailors to prepare for the worst while they are out on the water, said Senior Sergeant Jay Bairstow of Brisbane Water.

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