Dangerous Dog Hair: For Whom the Fur Can Be Deadly

Many dog owners will know տhis “problem”: your cherished four-legged buddy loses his thick winter coat and begins to shed fur.

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Dog owners like to brush their four-legged pets’ fur outside to avoid spreading unpleasant tufts of fur about their own four walls, but the balls of hair represent a hazard to other animals.

Many mistresses and masters take their dogs out into the vast outdoors so that the hated dust bunnies don’t fly all over the house.

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Dr. Tina Holscher, a veterinarian, notes that “bird parents like to use the balls of hair from dogs to build their nests.”

The hair itself is not a problem either, but if the dog has been treated with preparations against parasites, which is, of course, important for the health of the four-legged friends, the tufts of hair pose a risk to the bird world.

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Instead, brushing out should be done at home, even if it initially involves a lot of “dirt”.

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