Wild Fox Bites Deputies

The title shouted out for a joke. The Washington Post headlined, “Aggressive fox caught near US Capitol.” In fact, right-wing television channel Fox News appears to be a little out of control at times. But now came the terrible conclusion to the story: the fox, or, as it found out later, the vixen, is dead. But it all started in the beginning.

At the Capitol, MP Ami Bera crossed the park. Bera told a journalist, “Suddenly I felt something hit my leg from behind.” He imagined a dog. A fox fled as he turned to strike back with his umbrella. Two bite holes were discovered in the trouser leg. The sock and skin were unharmed, but Bera, a doctor, had his rabies vaccine updated since wild animal bites are not to be taken lightly.

Rabid fox bites person in Burlington's second confirmed rabies case of 2018 | FOX8 WGHP

Other victims reported immediately, which made it clear: a fox chose the hill on which the most powerful parliament in the world resides as his palace. The Capitol Police, who are in charge of defending Parliament and its facilities, were called.  The citizens of Washington were confused about whether or not they should be terrified of the fox now. Or take his side like the new Twitter account @thecapitolfox?

Fox bites elderly man in Bath just three days into 2020; city saw 16 positive rabies tests in 2019 | newscentermaine.com

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