Nature Conservation Organizations Want To Fight To Poach Lynx

Nature conservation organizations want to prevent lynx poaching with the cross-border project “Tatort Luchs.” The WWF and the organization “Luchs Bayern” announced their collaboration with the Czech nonprofit Hunt DUHA and the University of Bremen on June 11, World Lynx Day.

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According to the WWF and “Luchs Bayern,” up to 25% of lynxes in Bavaria are poached, according to a survey from 2018. “If poaching continues at the current rate, the lynx population in the German-Czech border region might become extinct in 100 years.” The big cats would be poisoned, shot, or killed and are therefore still threatened in this country.

Rangers, authorities, prosecutors, and judges will be trained as part of the “Tatort Luchs” program to enhance the investigation of poaching-related crimes and boost the conviction rate. A manual will be created. According to the report, the initiative is being supported by the Federal Environment Ministry using monies from the EURENI program (European Environment Initiative).

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13 mature, resident lynxes disappeared in the Bavaria-Bohemia border area, according to the WWF and “Luchs Bayern,” and two huge cats were verifiably murdered, according to the WWF and “Luchs Bayern.” This corresponds to around a fifth of the adult lynx population in the area. Poachers may have killed the missing lynx, according to the report.

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“It’s especially bitter because, despite the fact that numerous lynxes have been murdered unlawfully and this has been verified, not a single perpetrator has been brought to justice.” This shows how urgently our project to protect the lynx is here in Bavaria,” said Moritz Klose, WWF program manager for wildlife in Germany.

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