Only Because of His Kids Did Ryan Gosling Agree to Star in “Barbie.” He Values the Father’s Position Above All Others

For many years, Ryan Gosling, 48, has been blissfully dating Eva Mendes. He is filming far less frequently than fans would want. Despite the fact that fairly fascinating projects continue to routinely surface in his repertoire.

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Several admirers of the actor remark that following the birth of his kids, Ryan seems to have opted to focus on the family and agree only to the most exciting assignments.

Gosling said that he values being a parent above all other roles. The actor was open about his desire to travel the world with his girls. He wanted  to introduce them to a range of different locations when he spoke with Heat magazine about accepting the role in The Gray Man.

Ryan Gosling agreed to star in “Barbie” only because of his daughters: he considers the father role the most important

We traveled to France and saw the Louvre; it was amusing. The females, however, would have said, “The fruit platter in the hotel,” if I had asked them today. Gosling made a joke.

He also admitted that he took on the character of Ken to share his work with his girls.

Ryan Gosling's Daughters Don't Understand Why He's Ken in 'Barbie' –  SheKnows

Of course, it’s not only about daughters. Yet, people are starting to realize what I’m doing now. But they are really curious about why I am playing the part of Ken because no one wants to play with him in the movie. I want to share his story because of it,” Ryan said.

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