It Was Announced What Quentin Tarantino’s Final Project Would Be, One That He Will Shoot This Fall

One of today’s best directors is preparing to begin shooting his final project.
Tarantino has frequently stated that he plans to retire when his career is at its height.

Quentin Tarantino's Final Film Is Coming as Filmmaker Readies 'The Movie  Critic' (Exclusive)

With nine films under his belt already, it appears that the filmmaker will soon begin work on his 10th.

Supporters of the master are certain that Quentin’s final project will be a hit and will make the director’s retirement from the industry genuinely lovely.

In any case, Tarantino is diligently producing a new movie as promised.

Quentin Tarantino prepping alleged final film | ARMENPRESS Armenian News  Agency

The next masterpiece’s filming might start this fall. Of course, there are seven locks covering the plot’s specifics. And Quentin knows for sure that there is no need to reveal anything because he is a huge movie fan. Certain things, nonetheless, are already known.

The primary character will be a woman, and the story will take place in Los Angeles in the late 1970s.

Several people have theorized that the movie could be a tribute to Pauline Kael. He is one of the most important and challenging film critics in history. This interpretation is supported by Tarantino’s great respect for the journalist.

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The magazine claims that the filmmaker is still without a deal with a studio. Yet, there is a good chance that Sony will handle the filming.

In any case, we welcome the anniversary and the master’s 10th film.



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