Dolly Parton, who usually prefers not to be known, has been financing high school bands in secret

Behind the scenes, Dolly Parton routinely makes small donations.

Dolly Parton has secretly been funding high school bands for years and  never wanted recognition

Recently, a journalist made her secret public and wrote about her incredibly generous act.

According to Michael Harriot, Parton has been covering all of the costs for various black school musical groups’ basic needs as well as extra expenses for many years.

As one of the graduates from roughly 30 years ago reported, he participated in a marching band supported by Parton.

A different student said that after playing at Sevier County High School, it came out that the school’s uniforms, gear, flags, and instruments were all paid for by the well-known musician.

She continued by saying that Parton ought to be regarded as a “national treasure.”

The well-known Parton herself participated in a marching band.

Dolly Parton has secretly been funding high school bands: she always prefers to stay unknown

Therefore, her love of music is one of the motivations behind her kind act.

One even said that one of his pals worked as a funeral director.

Dolly Parton Has Been Secretly Sponsoring Bands at Black High Schools for  Years

Parton always had to foot the expense for people whose funerals were unaffordable, the man informed him.

According to Pink News, Parton also covers all of her Dolly Wood employees’ education expenses, including tuition.

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