The World’s Heaviest Boy Has Lost 115 Pounds and Made an Amazing Change

The once-fattest youngster in the world, Arya Permana, has experienced an amazing turnaround.

He was severely obese at age 10 and weighed 200 kg. It made it impossible for him to live a typical life like other boys his age. His mother said she was having trouble feeding him enough to sate his appetite and that she was worried about his health.

World's heaviest child' weighing 192kg from Indonesia undergoes surgery to  lose weight, go to school | Lifestyle News,The Indian Express

The youngster needed emergency medical attention since he was at risk of passing away.

Arya had a medical operation called a sleeve, which decreased the size of his stomach and, thus, his hunger.


World's fattest child' lost more than half his body weight | Daily Mail  Online

Also, he had the assistance of bodybuilder Ade Rai, who joined him on his weight loss quest.

The outcome was astounding. Arya lost 83 kg in just a few months after gaining 200 kg.

His life has drastically changed as a result of this shift, which has also benefited his physical health.

Many people who struggle with weight find motivation in Arya’s tale.

World's fattest child unrecognisable after losing more than HALF of his  30-STONE bulk as 11-year-old | Daily Mail Online

Although losing weight is not an easy process, it is feasible with the correct assistance and medical attention. Also, it emphasizes the significance of active living and a good diet in a child’s life.

It is imperative to address the problem of childhood obesity, a global pandemic that is only getting worse, in order to avert significant health consequences.

Lastly, Arya Permana’s transformation is evidence of the resilience of the human spirit.

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