An Iranian Woman Had 50 Cosmetic Surgeries To Look Like Angelina Jolie; As a Result, She Now Looks Like a Zombie

Sahar Tabar, a 19-year-old who underwent 50 cosmetic procedures and dropped up to 40 kg, wanted to appear like the well-known actress.

Yet the result was not what was hoped for or expected.
She had such an odd appearance that a real-life ghost and a horror heroine both approached the woman.

Iranian woman has experienced 50 plastic surgeries to resemble Angelina Jolie: now she looks like a zombie

Before the operation, Sahar Tabar was truly a kind and lovely young lady.

Yet she chose to have a number of surgeries because she really wanted to be like Angelina Jolie.

Therefore, over a period of years, she has gradually become closer to the woman she had imagined.

She copies everything about her idol, starting with how tiny she is.

At a height of 146 cm, she went on a diet for several months to lose up to 40 kilos before beginning the procedures.

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Tabar puts on dazzling model makeup to more closely resemble the star.

The young woman made the ultimate sacrifice by undergoing so many unnecessary operations.

Several articles state that she looks this way and that it is not a Photoshopped image.

The young lady has drawn comparisons to Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride” heroine Emily online.

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Likewise, the well-known lead character from “Annabelle”

Despite just posting a few times to Instagram, she now has 300,000 followers and promotes other smartphone accessories as well.

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