53-Year-old Jennifer Aniston Discusses Her Struggles With Not Being Able To Have Children and How She Overcame Them

Jennifer Aniston has been a well-known figure in Hollywood for a while, building a reputation for herself as a gifted actress with a long-lasting career.

The 53-year-old recently appeared on the cover of Allure magazine. In an open conversation with reporters, she finally chose to respond to topics that she had long been avoiding.

The Friends actress shared her sorrow at not freezing her eggs earlier in life.

She talked about the persistent tabloid speculations regarding the causes of her breakups with both Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux.

Aniston said that her infertility was not the reason for her separation from Pitt. She also disputed that it was the cause of her breakup with Theroux.

She said that when she married Pitt, her job was her top priority. Since then, she has learned that it is perfectly OK to be successful and childless.

53-year-old Jennifer Aniston reveals the truth about her inability to have children and how she dealt with it

The actress also made it apparent that, because she is no longer forced to endure the agony of another unsuccessful attempt at infertility, she is now much more at peace with her decision to forgo having children.

As she has nothing to hide, Aniston also stated that she intends to write a book about her experiences and difficulties with infertility.

Jennifer Aniston Addresses Decision Not To Have Kids | Marie Claire  Australia

Aniston is inspiring people across the world  demonstrating that it is possible to be content and happy without having children.

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