For His 60th Birthday, a Man Embarked on an Exciting and Memorable Adventure, Breaking the Record for the World’s Longest Distance

This is a highly peculiar, daring, and perilous tale about a man who made his special day unforgettable.

Duane Hansen aboard the pumpkin

The Nebraskan guy made the decision to raft the Missouri River on August 27th. He  used a massive pumpkin boat that he had specially constructed for the occasion.
His tale quickly went viral since he had drawn a massive 846-pond pumpkin nearly 41 miles down the river.

The man gave his yacht the name “SS Bertha” since he loved it so much.

Man made an adventurous and memorable journey on his 60th birthday: he set a world record, passing the World's longest distance

He achieved renown thanks to the SS Bertha after setting a record with his dependable and devoted companion.
Hansen, the guy, broke the previous record of 25 miles by setting out in his own home-grown pumpkin boat and rafting for more than 12 hours.

Hansen admitted that the first five miles were easy for him, but after paddling for around 18 miles, the crew knew that they would be on the road for a very long time.

The pumpkin by the dock

Moreover, he said that the voyage was hazardous since he had to stay atop the pumpkin while trying to balance it to prevent it from tipping over in the event of a wave or wind.

Hansen had actually accomplished a lot by first growing the biggest handmade pumpkin ever and then breaking a record while riding it.

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